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Make your stay in Prague more adventurous and try to see Prague or Prague´s surroundings from bird's eye view!
From CZK 2500 per three persons

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EECERA 2007 -- 17th EECERA Annual Conference: Exploring Vygotsky's Ideas: 	Crossing Borders

Tourist Information:

Tourist Information

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Nadace VIZE 97 Reduced entrance fee to the Kafka Museum and the Mucha Museum with booking from us!

If you have another wish, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@easyprague.cz or by phone: +420 244 463 443

We can arrange weddings, honeymoons, gift trips, stag parties, and probably most of other things you could think of.

About Easy Prague - Travel & Conference Agency

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    Easy Prague - Travel Agency
    Branicka 230/115
    CZ-147 00 Prague 4
    Czech Republic

    e-mail: info@easyprague.cz

    web:  www.easyprague.cz

    Easy Prague - Japanese depart.:
    Hitomi Zemanova
    mail: info@easyprague.cz

    Easy Prague - depart. Rotterdam:
    Miranda van Leeuwen
    mail:  info@easyprague.cz 

    Invoicing information

    Veronika FISEROVA
    Branicka 230/115, 147 00 Praha 4
    IC (Identification number): 69821364


    Veronika Fiserova, Branicka 115/230, 147 00, Praha 4, Czech Republic, Bank: CSOB, Novodvorska 138, Praha 4 ,Czech Republic, Account No.: 196255186, bank code: 0300, SWIFT CODE: CEKOCZPP
    IBAN:CZ30 0300 0000 0001 9625 5186, currency: CZK


    Veronika Fiserova, Branicka 115/230, 147 00, Praha 4, Czech Republic, Bank: CSOB, Novodvorska 138, Praha 4 ,Czech Republic, Account No.: 211740391, bank code: 0300, SWIFT CODE: CEKOCZPP, IBAN: CZ50 0300 0000 0002 1174 0391, currency: EUR.


    Hello,we would like to introduce our travel agency to you. We are a company conversant in organising conferences and incoming tourist trade. We aim to make the company more able to suit the specific individual needs of each client, and we believe that you will feel the benefit of the more personal touch when you are on official journey or on holiday with us, or use us to facilitate an event whether it is a conference, stag party, sports outing, historical tour or whatever you might wish.
    If you come to Prague for conference or any other kind of business you will want to be focused on the work. If you are on holiday, then as the word says you will really want to enjoy your days off and not to have to think and solve problems, just relax. This is why we especially visited each of our recommended accommodations and conference rooms to see if we ourselves could enjoy our time there.  It was the same with other services. We wanted to offer a rich variety of services and special programmes, which we could personally recommend. We hope that there is something for everyone, and if you can’t find what you want, ask us and we will find it for you. Don’t hesitate and turn to us with your requests!
    We are offering our rich experience with the organisation of workshops (arts, music, dance etc.) and conferences. As we say in our motto we are the ?travel agency for independent travellers? – you can let your imagination soar, make your choices at home about your stay in Prague or anywhere else in the Czech Republic and then just leave it to us. Be independent in your choices, make your own programme, plan your own trip and depend on us. We’ll make it the best for you and, throughout your stay in our beautiful country, we will be on the other end of a phone or e-mail in case of any problems or needs.
    You are welcome to visit our ?virtual? office at www.easyprague.cz and we’d like you to know that we are ready to make the official journey or holidays pleasant for you, your family or friends. We hope to make your dreams come true ;-)
                                                                                                                                                                Veronika and Karel Fiser - Easy Prague travel agency owners and the whole realisation team

    Few words about us personaly:

    Veronika has been working in the tourist industry since 1998, starting out as a qualified tourist guide and gaining a wide experience working with the public as a guide and in the tourist information centres. Veronika is also a graduate of management in tourism and has worked as an international conference co-ordinator. She loves travelling, cooking, dancing.

    Karel studied Humanities at Charles University, Prague before attending Travel Business School (necessary for obtaining an official Prague Tourist Guide Licence ), where he and Veronika met! Karel has done a lot of humanitarian work, working for a UN project for refugees and was instrumental in Help (a project responding to catastrophic floods in the Czech Republic) He has also experience as a conference and workshop co-ordinator and like Veronika loves travelling, music, movies....

    Hitomi has been involved in tourism industry for long time. She is caring on our very important part of business as an expert through her management experience with an internationaly well known airline company. Her hobbies are Music, Cinema and Gliding! Please enjoy your flying by Glider which Hitomi really has painted (The glider called "Japanese").

    Miranda has been involved with activities and travelling in Czech since 1999. Although living in Holland she considers Prague to be her home and visits at least five times a year, to see friends and spend time in her favourite city. She loves music, especially gypsy music, (both listening and participating) and loves the Czech culture, the honesty and sincerity of the people, and travelling. She says herself that the love she feels for the Czech Republic is her motive in daily life. Miranda has been the manager of the Rotterdam branch of Easy Prague since September 2005, and we could wish for no better person!!!

    [Czech Republic logo] We thank the Czech Tourism agency for permission to use the visuals and photographs.